Some questions about working remotely and freelancing in the Netherlands

Some questions about working remotely and freelancing in the Netherlands

Hello, I am a PhD student from the United States moving to the Netherlands soon on a partner visa to live with my girlfriend. I plan on continuing my work remotely and wanted to know if there are any specific procedures I need to follow (outside of paying taxes) so that my work is legal and in order.

Currently I teach classes online for my university as a source of income. This work is on a semester to semester contractual basis. My university titles each of my contracts an 'assistantship.' There is no written guarantee of any future contracts or work (basically it's unwritten I can receive more classes so long as my research is in good standing, etc.). Furthermore, my contract does not explicitly prohibit me from working internationally or working any other jobs. My university has no presence in the Netherlands and I am only moving over for personal relationship reasons. They currently withhold some of my income for US federal taxes.

Having reviewed some of the tax regulations and laws I will have to consider when moving over, I came across this post regarding the employment/freelance status of and procedures for people working remotely within the country. My situation slightly differs in that my employment comes in four month blocks rather than being strictly by the hour. I'm not sure where the line is drawn in terms of being a freelancer.

This leads me to some questions about what my work situation will qualify as within the Netherlands. From what I understand, PhD students are not considered students with relation to taxes. Furthermore, the status of my work seems to me to be a form of freelance labor/contracting. Is this correct? What procedures are necessary for me such that I can continue my online work legally when I officially become a resident? Am I in fact a freelancer, in which case I must follow the standard procedure of registering as a business, etc.? Or do I have to declare something else I am not aware of?

I am assuming I need to declare something with the Dutch government outside of filing my taxes when the time comes. In another post it was suggested that one working remotely could potentially not register at all, just filing income as 'inkomen uit overige werkzaamheden.'

Any suggestions about how I should go about all this would greatly be appreciated. I plan on talking to an accountant regarding these matters but I wanted to get a general understanding of things first. Thank you!

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